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Donations are the lifeblood of every non-profit organization, and ours is no different. Gifts from you let us perpetuate our work, and we are forever thankful.

Your investment in education is an investment in conservation. With your financial support we can continue our vital work, opening the minds and hearts of the children who will one day care for Galapagos. We cannot do what we do without you and we appreciate your contributions more than you will ever know. Every gift matters!

There are several ways to make a donation. Contact us and we will help determine the most effective way to make your gift.

Every gift makes a difference.  We are so grateful for your support!

Thank you.

Partner With Us

We believe a strong knowledge base and a deep understanding of the Galapagos Islands will guide our young people to become thoughtful and caring leaders, who will value and promote sustainability and conservation. We support educational programs that will create lasting impact in our community.

If you share a similar vision, we encourage you to reach out to join in partnership.  We are actively seeking strategic partners with whom we can share resources and efforts to mutually increase our impact on conservation efforts in Galapagos.  Contact us to share your proposal.


Our generous volunteers tell us that their work for the Naveducando Foundation has changed them in wonderful and unexpected ways. They meet new friends, learn new skills, gain valuable experience, and have the satisfaction of knowing that what they are doing is making a difference in Galapagos.

Are you passionate about education and conservation? Do you want to join our team? Let us know and we will guide you through the application process.

Volunteers have been vital to the success of our Foundation and to all of you we offer our heartfelt thanks for your commitment and support.


Anybody can raise money for Naveducando!  All you need to get started is the passion that got you interested in supporting us in the first place.  

Hosting your own fundraiser is a fun way to support the Naveducando Foundation.   

The Naveducando Foundation can help you to make your initiative or event a success, but we need to know your plans.  We can assist with some pre-event promotion and post-event recognition. Contact us for more information. Thank you for your support of Naveducando!   

Not sure what you want to do?  There are many creative ways to organize and mobilize people, resources, and talents to work together to achieve a goal.  Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Host a Sporting Competition

You could host a mini soccer or basketball tournament and sell tickets to the event.  You could sell homemade treats at the concession stand and even set up a raffle.   

Partner with a Restaurant

Collaborate with your favorite restaurant to raise a portion of the night’s proceeds for Naveducando.  Invite all of your friends and pack the place full of hungry people who want to help you support us.

Rummage Sales

Ask friends and family to clean out their garages and donate used items to sell.  You’ll be surprised at how much someone will pay for gently used items when they know they’re supporting a good cause.

Stage a Performance

Do you have a special talent?  Maybe you are a musician, comedian, or actor?  You could put on a show, sell tickets, and donate some of the proceeds to our Foundation.  Collaborate with other artists to host a concert or a festival!

Pledge Challenges

Ask people for pledges in exchange for completing specific challenges like reading a certain number of books, running, walking or riding a bike for an impressive distance, or eating the most cookies in five minutes.  You could also form teams and turn it into a friendly competition.

Make a Big Change

Are you and a few of your friends feeling brave? You could commit to making a dramatic change, like shaving your head, a mustache, or a beard if the donations add up. Will you be sporting a new look by the end of the event? Be sure to let local media know because no one’s going to want to miss this.

Plan a Party

Whether it’s a community potluck, a casual gathering at home to commemorate a special occasion, happy hour cocktails, or an elegant black tie gala, parties are always fun and a great opportunity to raise money and to tell everyone why you love Naveducando.

Use your imagination and let us know!

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Follow or connect with Naveducando’s Galápagos Infinito program on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, keep up to date on news and updates about our activities, and help us to spread the word about our programs, events, and our progress towards fulfilling Naveducando’s mission.  Together we are making a difference!