Opening Minds and Hearts for Galapagos

Conservation Through Education

“Opening Minds and Hearts for Galapagos” reflects our deeply-held belief that we can achieve conservation through education. People love what they know and protect what they love.  We believe fostering a sense of love and respect through educational and outreach programs will create passionate defenders of the islands and motivate them to conserve this unique and precious ecosystem for future generations.


Children are naturally inquisitive. We support and nurture our students’ curiosity through our innovative educational programs. Learn more.


Immersed in nature and free from distractions, it takes only a moment for our students to fall in love with Galapagos, but the impact will last for the rest of their lives. Learn more.


Our students will protect what they love. Our alumni will one day lead Galapagos and we will be behind them, encouraging, supporting, and cheering their successes. Learn more.